Jersey employers 'should recognise and support carers'

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People in Jersey are good at helping their elderly friends and neighbours, Dr Bayes said

Employers in Jersey should offer carers more support in the workplace, a carers charity has said.

About one in 10 islanders care for a family member, and that is expected to rise as the population ages.

Dr Margaret Bayes, from the Jersey Association of Carers, said it was already recognised that parents needed flexible working hours.

"I think it's time now for employers to seek out carers who they employ and see how they can support them," she said.

It is thought more families will chose to look after their elderly relatives as an ageing population puts increased pressure on the health and social services.

"Elderly people just need support, and as they get older it escalates," Dr Bayes said.

"I think that the family is a good unit... and if they don't have family in the island then neighbours and friends are often very helpful, there's quite a lot of community spirit."

She told BBC Jersey there was still plenty of scope for extra provision for carers.

"I think they start off doing just a little bit and it gets more and more.

"They do need a break, they need some more help and they need recognition of their skill and ability to look after that person."

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