Jersey's new prisoner curfew scheme saves £100,000

image captionThe tagging scheme was replaced with community curfews

About £100,000 of public money has been saved in a year by scrapping the prisoners electronic tagging scheme.

Previously when prisoners in Jersey were allowed out on temporary release they were fitted with an electronic tag.

They were worn while the prisoner did training or community work on the outside.

But for the past year tagging has been replaced with a community curfew scheme.

Community curfew

Deputy Jacqui Hilton, who is responsible for the new scheme, said it worked with the help of Jersey's honorary police who conduct the curfew checks.

"They [honorary police] are notified by the prison when a prisoner is released on community curfew.

"The honorary police attend at the premises where they are staying and check that they are where they are when they are supposed to be there," she said.

Deputy Hilton said anyone who breached their curfew would go straight back to prison.

"Because they all have to be in work they are in work during the day but they have to be at the home address, that's been vetted by the probation office in the evening.

"If there are any breaches of the curfew then they are immediately taken back into prison and it ends."

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