Ramsey seaside murals plan to spruce up town's promenade

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Image caption, Artist Beth Louella based one character on a 12th century 'Queen of Mann'

A flurry of seaside murals along Ramsey's north promenade have been commissioned by the town commissioners.

The authority said it wanted to regenerate the area by showcasing "vibrant canvases of artwork".

The Isle of Man Arts Council has granted 50% of the cash to transform five seafront shelters along Mooragh Promenade, with the other 50% coming from community fundraising.

Designs are based on the themes of Ramsey, Manx culture and the sea.

The project had initially been due to start in 2019 but was postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Image caption, Fenella of Ramsey is a fictitious modern character

First to complete a shelter, artist Beth Louella said the timing was even more appropriate as the island recovers from the pandemic, as "it has cheered people up".

She said she had "connected so much with the community".

Her design is based on two women, hundreds of years apart, connecting the past and present, she explained.

Image caption, Adam Berry's mural sits opposite Ramsey's BMX and skate park

One is a 12th Century 'Queen of Mann' called Affrica, while the present day woman, Fenella of Ramsey, is a character created by Ms Louella.

She described the feeling of the art as "quite spiritual, peaceful and calming".

Graphic designer and artist Adam Berry is working on the second shelter at the other end of the promenade, home to the annual TT Ramsey Sprint race.

Image caption, The other side of Adam Berry's shelter will feature Ramsey landmarks

He said: "I wanted to do something with the sprint, the skate park and the BMX bikes.

"Street art around the rest of the world, the Isle of Man is a bit behind with it, but there are so many different styles and that's what kind of makes it interesting. In theory there's something for everyone."

There are three further shelters to be completed by different local artists.

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