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National Chips, Cheese & Gravy Day proposed on Isle of Man

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Media captionCalls for an official day for "national dish of the Manx people" - cheese, chips & gravy

A call to create an official day for the "national dish of the Manx people" - cheese, chips and gravy - is being backed by the island's culture charity.

The popular meal mixes chips with grated Manx Cheddar and beef gravy.

An online magazine has declared the last Monday in January National Chips, Cheese & Gravy Day because the "beloved dish" had previously been "overlooked".

Culture Vannin said it was good to give "a shout out" to what has "arguably become the ultimate comfort food".

Similar to Canada's much-loved poutine, chips, cheese and gravy has become a local speciality and is sold in many of the island's takeaways.

Gef the Mongoose, a Manx magazine set up to celebrate the "weird and wonderful", listed a number of Manx takeaways that were offering the food at a reduced rate to celebrate the new tradition.

Spokeswoman Natasha Parry said it had "long been known as the national dish of the Manx people, so when I discovered there wasn't a day to celebrate this delicacy, I knew I had to do something about it".

"Other foods have their day each year, like national pizza day, and it's time to celebrate cheese, chips and gravy."

Making chips, cheese and gravy

Peter Robinson, who owns the Terrace Chippy in Douglas, has been making the dish for years and said it took off in the 1990s.

"We start off each morning by making fresh gravy.

"We use Manx potatoes and the grated cheddar cheese is from Manx dairies, so it is all local fresh produce.

"The cheddar goes on the chips and the gravy melts it.

"It's become a national dish and it is the most popular dish we do".

Culture Vannin's spokesman said the idea of devoting a day to the dish was "great fun".

"We've fantastic produce here, and it's something to celebrate in all its forms.

"We've just had Burns Night where people connected with Scotland worldwide celebrated the national dish of haggis, neeps and tatties," he said.

"Having a day for chips, cheese and gravy is great fun, giving a shout out to something that has arguably become the ultimate comfort food on the Isle of Man."

Ms Parry said there had been a "great response" to the day, adding that she hoped it would now be celebrated on the last Monday of January every year.

The Isle of Man's traditional national dish is priddhas an' herrin - a meal of boiled potatoes and steamed herring.

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