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Manx Radio is again in the red, posting an £82,406 loss in the last financial year

Manx Radio Microphone
Image caption Manx Radio is the national commercial radio station for the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man's national radio station lost £82,406 in the last financial year, managers have said.

The loss at Manx Radio comes despite a £875,000 subvention from the Manx government and a £66,000 increase in its commercial earnings.

While Chairman Bill Mummery said losses were down to "short-term problems" and called for no "knee-jerk reaction", he said changes would be made if required.

Manx Radio lost £48,713 in the previous financial year.

Mr Mummery said:"It isn't that our costs have run away with us, it is that the market is changing and people's consumption of media and news is changing.

"I expect us to deliver a positive result in the coming year."

A spokesman said the government's contribution represents 42% of the station's total annual income.

Its running costs were £2,082,149.

The latest audience reach figures from the Radio Joint Audience Research (Rajar) show the station's reach is about 51%.

Manx Radio began broadcasting in 1964, almost 10 years before commercial radio was licensed in the United Kingdom.

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