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Isle of Man general election: Residents must register to vote before Thursday

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Image caption It will be the first Manx general election using the new boundary guidelines approved in 2013

Isle of Man residents must be registered before Thursday to vote in the general election.

Residents must be listed on the electoral register, aged 16 or over by election day, live on the island for at least a year and reside at the address on the registration form to vote.

Sixty-three candidates will contest the House of Keys (HK) on 22 September.

The new members of the HK will be sworn in on 27 September with a new chief minister chosen on 4 October.

The island is almost entirely self-governing, and the 24 successful representatives will control virtually every aspect of public life, from law and order to health provision.

Twenty-four MHKs from 12 constituencies will be elected for a term of five years.

Isle of Man General Election Candidates 2016
Arbory, Castletown and Malew (7)
Richard Stephen McAleer Independent
Philip Anderson Gawne Independent
Graham Derek Cregeen Independent
Carol Barbara Quine Manx Labour Party
Jason Robert Moorhouse Independent
Carl James Parker Independent
Stephen Raymond Crowther Independent
Ayre and Michael (6)
Patrick Stephen Ayres Liberal Vannin Party
Timothy Simon Baker Independent
Alfred Louis Cannan Independent
Alan Kermode Independent
Carlos Phillips Independent
Louise Elizabeth Whitlegg Independent
Douglas Central (6)
Kurt Buchholz Independent
Kathrine Anne Corlett Independent
George Richard John Falk Independent
Sara Dawn Andrea Hackman Independent
Kim Michelle Inglis Independent
Charles Christopher Thomas Independent
Douglas East (8)
Clare Louise Battison Independent
Quintin Bennett Gill Independent
Richard Fredrick Halsall Manx Labour Party
Jonathan Joughin Independent
John Caley McBride Independent
Christopher Roy Robertshaw Independent
Catherine Rose Turner Independent Green
Amanda Jane Walker Independent
Douglas North (5)
Angela Karen Independent
David John Ashford Independent
John Ramsey Houghton Independent
George Ralph Peake Independent
Lynn Sirdefield Manx Labour Party
Douglas South (4)
Kate Kathleen Joan Beecroft Liberal Vannin Party
David Anthony Fowler Independent
Keith Daryl Fitton Independent
William Mackay Malarkey Independent
Garff (5)
Andrew Barton Independent
Daphne Hilary Penelope Caine Independent
Nigel Anthony Dobson Independent
Martyn John Perkins Independent
Andrew Joseph Smith Independent
Glenfaba and Peel (3)
Geoffrey Boot Independent
Leslie Lucas Alfred Hanson Independent
Raymond Karl Harmer Independent
Middle (4)
William Edward Bowers Independent
Paul Herbert Craine Independent
Robert Howard Quayle Independent
William Catto Shimmins Independent
Onchan (5)
Anthony Allen Independent
Rob Edwards Callister Independent
Timothy Roy Craig Independent
Julie Marie Edge Liberal Vannin Party
David John Quirk Independent
Ramsey (5)
Alexander John Allinson Independent
Nicholas Lyndon Crowe Independent
Lawrie Lee Hooper Liberal Vannin Party
John David McDonough Independent
Leonard Ian Singer Independent
Rushen (5)
Leo Simon Cussons Independent
James William Hampton Independent
Mark Ian Kemp Independent
Laurence David Skelly Independent
Juan Paul Watterson Independent

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