Isle Of Man / Ellan Vannin

School vandalism repairs cost more than £24,000

Vandalism at Manx schools in the last financial year cost more than £24,000 to repair, the government has said.

Tim Crookall, Minister for Education and Children, announced the figure as he urged people to respect school grounds during the summer holidays.

About 100 acts of vandalism have been dealt with this year, but it remains policy to keep school grounds open to the public.

Mr Crookall said people were putting themselves and others in danger.

"If someone were to slip and fall while climbing, for example, they may not be discovered for some time. If broken glass is left lying around, a child may get hurt," he said.

"These important amenities are at the heart of our communities and provide space for people to enjoy exercise, recreation and fresh air.

"It has long been our policy to have school grounds open to the public to use, even when the buildings themselves are shut for summer.

"However, those using school grounds are asked to respect their surroundings and not put themselves or others in danger."

The minister also warned people to stay away from electricity sub stations after vandals recently broke into an 11,000-volt sub station.

"The 'Danger of Death' signs displayed mean just that and I'd appeal to parents to reinforce this message. Let's not have a tragedy on our hands this summer," he said.