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Hole in Isle of Man road leads to closure

The appearance of a 1ft (30cm) hole on an Isle of Man road has led to its closure for a week.

The hole, on the A36 Shoulder/Round Table Road, was discovered on Saturday and the road was later closed between the Round Table and Rushen Mines.

An infrastructure spokesman said: "It may look like a small hole but underneath there is a much larger void which is about 3ft (1m) by 5 ft (1.5m).

Repair work is expected to take about a week to complete.

Network operations engineer Bill Corlett said: "This has happened over a long period of time with the water coming down from South Barrule.

"It is not possible to open up one side of the road as the void is located in the middle. We will have to dig it all out and refill and we will also improve the drainage with a new culvert."

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