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Watchdog criticises proposed end to free airport parking

image captionThe proposed changes would see an end to free first hour of parking at the airport

The Isle of Man's passenger watchdog is to meet with airport management over proposals to scrap free parking at Ronaldsway.

The Department of Infrastructure has outlined plans to introduce a £1 charge to replace the previously free first hour of parking.

Travel Watch's Paul Moncaster said the decision had not been thought through.

He said: "There are obvious problems with the proposals and we will raise them with management on Thursday."

"The proposal would mean there is nowhere to park without paying and, unlike the sea terminal where there is street parking, there will be nowhere at Ronaldsway."

'Almost unique'

Following its annual annual review of car park charges at Ronaldsway, the Department is proposing a new charge of £1 for the first hour's car parking.

Infrastructure Minister David Cretney said the current free parking was "almost unique" to the Isle of Man airport.

He said: "At Ronaldsway we have very competitive car parking charges, especially when considering how close to the terminal the car parks are located, with no requirement for bussing or leaving the airport site to get to the car parks.

"However, in line with most airports it has been considered reasonable to put in a £1 fee for the first hour's parking."

The department has invited the public to submit their feedback on the proposed change by the 30 June.

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