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Isle of Man 'needs electric car subsidies'

Government subsidies are needed to sustain electric car sales in the Isle of Man, according to the director of a folded car company.

Steve Burrows headed up e-Go Vehicles Limited which was the island's only electric car supplier.

The company said it has been forced to close due to "the ready availability of subsidised vehicles from abroad".

Mr Burrows said: "The majority of first world governments around the world have brought in subsidies."

He added: "More government support is needed to encourage low-energy vehicles on to the Isle of Man".

UK buyers of specific models of electric cars are eligible for grants of up to £5,000 in a government subsidy scheme.

Free electricity

The Isle of Man government does not offer any such incentives, although it does offer free electric charge-up points at various places around the island.

Mr Burrows said without a similar scheme to the UK, a Manx electric car business will not flourish on the island.

"Anybody with an ounce of common sense can travel to the UK or Ireland, give a relative's address, or whatever, purchase a car, and bring it back here.

"We have subsidies to the left of us and subsidies to the right of us but no subsidies here."

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