Naked motorcyclist on Isle of Man TT course sought by police


A motorcyclist who rode naked on the Isle of Man's TT course at speeds of about 130mph is being sought by police after footage emerged on YouTube.

The video, posted on 7 June, shows the man on the mountain circuit wearing nothing but a helmet, boots and gloves.

The police said they were making inquires although, technically, the rider may not have broken any laws.

Insp Mark Britton said: "We want everyone to enjoy themselves but sometimes people go too far."

He added: "Obviously the man is exposing himself, so that is one offence we could look at. We will see what we can do within the confines of the law - you can't get away with anything over here.

"Yes it's a bit of fun, but that could have gone so badly wrong. If he had fallen off, even at a low speed, he could have had substantial gravel rash. Roads bite back."

The police are encouraging motorcyclists to wear appropriate safety gear at all times.

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