Isle of Man police warn binge-drinking can 'risk lives'

image caption, Drinking excessively can cloud people's judgement

Pubs across the Isle of Man have teamed up with the police to highlight the necessity of safe drinking over the Christmas period.

Part of the poster campaign will be urging pub goers not to get "plastered" and end up in hospital.

Women will be encouraged not to let alcohol cloud their judgement and risk a sexual assault.

Pc Steve Stanley cited an incident when an inebriated man fell asleep in the road and "risked his life".

He said: "I've been in the police for 22 years and have several times been called on to deal with the consequences of excessive drinking. It can cost people's lives.

"About 10 years ago I came across one man while on patrol in a police van driving extremely slowly checking side lanes when I came to a crossroads and saw a dark object in the road.

"It turned out to be a young man who thought he was in his own bed when I managed to wake him.

"The potential for tragedy is obvious, had I driven through there responding to an emergency or even if a taxi had driven over him at normal speed it could have resulted in life changing injuries or a fatality."

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