New police bill modernises powers in Isle of Man

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Police officers need to have powers to deal with internet-related issues Mr Earnshaw says

A new criminal justice bill, which will transform policing in the Isle of Man, has been drawn up to "keep up" with modern society.

The Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill will be examined in detail by the House of Keys on 23 November.

Its six chapters cover police powers, licensing, sex and drug offences, public order and other issues.

MHK Adrian Earnshaw said it was about "modernising" policing powers.

It has already been sent out for consultation, with some thinking it gives the police too much power.

The Home Affairs department has received 80 submissions of concern so far.

'Internet age'

However, Mr Earnshaw said the police would always use their powers fairly.

"I do not think it is about giving police more powers, it's more about modernising the ones they already have.

"We live in an internet age these days and it needs to reflect some of that, things move a lot faster in the world of the internet.

"The oldest act we are amending goes back to 1872, nothing stands still and I think it's important we recognise this and we keep our legislation as up-to-date as required for the climate we live in."

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