Guernsey Education Committee president 'will not resign'

Deputy Matt Fallaize
Image caption President Matt Fallaize has declined to step down, following allegations he interfered with the decision of an interview panel.

Guernsey's Education Committee President has refused to resign following allegations of interference in a key appointment.

As reported in the Guernsey Press, Deputy Matt Fallaize overruled an independent interview panel's choice of a local candidate in April.

Deputy Fallaize said he had "acted honourably throughout" the appointment of a head of curriculum and standards.

The appointment comes as part of wider education reforms by the committee.

He denied that he had interfered in the process, stating that the committee does not have the "authority to overrule interview panels in appointments of civil servants".

A leaked email from April showed the turmoil created by the initial appointment, with Deputy Fallaize threatening a vote of no confidence in the then chief secretary of the committee and threatening to resign himself.

The identity of the initially successful candidate is unknown, but the role was eventually offered to prominent head teacher and education blogger Clare Sealy.

Former Guernsey Education Committee member Deputy Carl Meerveld has said Deputy Fallaize "should consider his position".

"Hiring people with a specific ideology is trying to lock in the ideology of the current committee and have that influence future plans," he said.

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