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Sand speed record broken on motorbike at Pendine Sands

image copyrightZef Eisenberg
image captionZef Eisenberg is now the world record holder for riding a motorbike on sand

A man who less than two years ago was recovering from a "near-death crash" at 230mph has become the fastest biker to ever ride on sand.

Guernsey businessman Zef Eisenberg, 45, rode his 350 horse-power super-charged motorbike at 201.5mph on Pendine Sands, South Wales, on Sunday.

Mr Eisenberg crashed in September 2016 at 230mph, breaking 11 bones, including his pelvis and bones in both hands.

"I'm back in the saddle now and could not feel happier", he said.

"Riding back to the finish line, [the officials] were waving frantically at me. I thought, 'Oh no, did I miss the finish line? Did I muck up? What did I do wrong?'

"When they shook my hand and told me I'd set history, I was shocked and amazed."

image copyrightMADMAX Race Team
image captionZef broke 11 bones, temporarily lost his sight, and spent three months in hospital after his crash in 2016

At the time of his crash Mr Eisenberg, founder of the Maximuscle nutrition brand, had been trying to break his existing land speed record of 234mph (377 km/h) on his gas turbine bike.

His new 201.5mph sand record in Wales far surpassed the previous record of 184mph.

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Mr Eisenberg is now the fastest man ever on Pendine Sands - which has been used for speed records for more than 100 years - and the fastest ever motorbike rider on sand worldwide.

He said after his crash he initially feared he would never walk again, but found himself back on his turbine bike a year later.

image copyrightPA
image captionZef Eisenberg, during a previous record bid, on his gas turbine motorcycle

"After the intense commitment to my physical and mental recovery, gym work and physio, this incredible 201.5mph sand record is the icing on the cake for me," he added.

"It was history in the making. For over 100 years people have been trying to reach 200mph at Pendine Sands - even the great gods of speed, Sir Malcolm Campbell, Parry Thomas - all have tried and failed - until today."

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