Guernsey midwife suspended over mother's death

image caption, Two Princess Elizabeth Hospital midwives were struck off and another was suspended in 2017

A midwife has been suspended following the death of a mother five hours after giving birth.

Anne Passave was on duty at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital (PEH) in Guernsey in May 2016 when a mother-to-be lost almost two litres of blood.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) said Ms Passave "failed to provide appropriate care" during labour.

It comes after two PEH midwives were struck off and another was suspended last year.

Ms Passave, who has 11 years' experience as a midwife, faced an investigation by the NMC for 34 errors, including failing to offer pain relief to the mother, an 'at-risk' patient.

She also failed to provide medication after the mother had a haemorrhage following the birth.

The midwife, who has since moved to Leicester, was suspended for 12 months.

Kenneth Caley, chair of the NMC panel, said her "actions or omissions were not the cause or any contributor to the death of the patient" but she placed the mother "at unwarranted harm".

Neil Guest, representing Ms Passave, said she accepted the "gravity of this matter" but it was an "isolated" incident in an otherwise "unblemished" career.

In 2012 two babies died at the hospital and as a result two midwives were struck off..

A PEH radiographer was suspended for three months after she failed to spot a baby had Down's syndrome in 2013 and in another incident the same year she incorrectly told a mother her pregnancy had failed.

The Office of the Committee for Health & Social Care in Guernsey said in a statement: "We provide safe services and the level of care, outcomes and resources far exceeds many other major hospitals."

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