Sark's four teachers resign over damning report

image source, Sark School
image captionSark has five children of secondary school age

All four teachers at Sark's only school are resigning from their posts at the end of the academic year.

It comes after a damning report of the Channel Island's education system by the UK's REAch2 Academy Trust.

The report highlighted risks in safeguarding practices and the need for a "clear accountability" for education.

In a statement, Sarah Cottle, the outgoing head teacher of Sark School, said many positive aspects were "overlooked or ignored".

'Working hard'

The report also said all teachers should have a degree and teaching qualification.

However, Mrs Cottle said all the teachers employed at Sark School have had the relevant qualifications for "at least the past 10 years".

The report accused the school of becoming distanced from contemporary professional standards and pointed out a growing divide between standards achieved in the UK and Sark.

Mrs Cottle said the school was "still working hard to provide the full range of teaching and learning opportunities" for the 29 pupils.

Antony Dunks, chairman of the Chief Pleas' Education Committee, welcomed the report which he hoped would answer any questions from parents.

"I hope now they see the report, they see what's being proposed and that things have been going on and they get behind the report," he said.

Sark's Chief Pleas will discuss changes to education next month, including whether to raise the school leaving age to 16, in line with the UK, and restructuring the school timetable.

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