Guernsey 11-plus vote: End of selection confirmed by States vote

The use of the 11-plus exams for selection in Guernsey's education system will end, the States has confirmed.

The island's government agreed to end selection at 11 in March, but following the election in April the issue was brought back for another vote.

A move to overthrow that decision was defeated 21-19.

Reports on the future of the education estate are due before the States before the end of 2017.

This will include the potential £64m redevelopment of La Mare de Carteret schools.

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What the States agreed in March

  • The 11-plus will stop in 2019 and be replaced by non-selective admission
  • Places in States' secondary schools will be based predominantly on a feeder system from primary schools
  • Something will replace the 11-plus system for awarding places for the three grant-aided colleges
  • A decision on refurbishing La Mare de Carteret primary and high schools will be deferred
  • A further report is being commissioned to look at the options for closing one of the States-run secondary schools

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