Guernsey companies get States contracts priority

Guernsey businesses are to be given priority over off-island companies when bidding for States contracts.

Treasury and Resources Minister, Deputy Gavin St Pier, said they had redefined "value" to take the wider impact on the island into account.

He said: "What is best for 'Guernsey plc' lies at the heart of our procurement decisions."

The new policy will take support to the community, local charities and employment into account.

'Open competition'

Deputy St Pier said: "The policy expands the definition of value to include wider benefits to the island, enabling activities such as support to the community or local charities as well as local employment and retaining expenditure on-island, to be taken into consideration when awarding a contract."

Eric Legg, chairman of the Construction Industry Forum, said he was pleased the States was taking a proactive approach to helping local companies.

"It is an excellent example where the States of Guernsey has not only involved local industries in discussions but listened to them and acted in a relatively short time scale which will be to the benefit of the Guernsey economy as a whole," he said.

Barry Cash, director of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, said it was important the policy was implemented in a way that encouraged a vibrant economy.

"They should ensure that the ethos of fair and open competition is balanced with the economic interests of the local community," he said.

"It is important that the policy encourages a vibrant and healthy economy which will serve the islands' long term interests and demonstrate that we are open for business to all, and provided the policy is implemented in this manner we believe it will be a positive step forward."

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