Sark Chief Pleas by-election features seven candidates

Seven people are to battle for the four vacant seats in the Sark Chief Pleas by-election next month.

The candidates are Alan Blythe, Paul Burgess, Peter Byrne, Natalie Craik, Simon Higgins, Matthew Joyner and Tony Le Lievre.

Polling will take place from 10:00 GMT to 18:00 GMT on Wednesday, 4 December at the Island Hall.

The by-election comes after John Hunt, Charles Maitland, Margaret Mallinson and Chistopher Bateson resigned.

Chief Pleas by-elections can only be held when there are three or more vacant seats.

The 28 conseillers are elected to serve a four-year term, with elections held for half of the government every two years.

The last election was held in December.

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