Burning Alderney waste 'may cut energy bills'

Turning waste into fuel could save Alderney up to £400,000 a year and help reduce rising electricity bills.

The island's energy policy suggests using anaerobic digesters to produce methane from waste, which can be burnt to create electricity or fuel.

Robert McDowall, finance committee chairman, said the "key driver" was to cut the island's annual waste cost.

He said with tidal power a long way off, something needed to be done to cut energy bills in the short term.

Mr McDowall said he did not expect tidal power to become a viable option until 2020 and with the rising cost of oil and importing it the island's electricity was "perhaps the most expensive in the UK".

He said using anaerobic digesters was a "strong opportunity to provide power" for Alderney.

Mr McDowall said if the pilot projects were successful then it may make further savings - such as reducing the capital costs of improving sewage treatment if some of the sewage can be used in the digesters.

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