Guernsey States gives priorities for projects

Members of Guernsey's parliament have given priority to 11 projects including replacing the island's sea fisheries vessel and repairing Alderney's runway.

It followed an assessment process undertaken by Treasury and Resources (T&R), which examined projects submitted by all 10 departments.

The cost of the proposed items have not yet been calculated.

Individual departments will now work out the costs before reporting back to the States.

The members have also given priority to replacing island-wide CCTV and radiology equipment.

Departments submitted their bids to T&R at the end of March.

They were then scored according to whether the proposals took forward government policy and could be "practicably implemented, achieve benefits and represent good value for public money".

A total of 10 projects, totalling £45-55m, were given category A status, eight of which have been given priority.

A further nine projects, totalling an estimated £155-165m, were put in category B. Other projects were allocated to category C and D.

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