Guernsey plans 20p rise in minimum wage

The minimum wage for adults could be increased by 20p per hour in Guernsey.

If the Commerce and Employment department plans are approved, the adult minimum wage will rise to £6.50 per hour from the current £6.30.

The young person rate will go up to £5.25 from the current £4.50 per hour for 16 and 17-year-olds.

The department says it has taken a number of factors into consideration before putting this proposal forward.

A spokesman said these included the rate of inflation in Guernsey and the minimum wage rates in the UK, Isle of Man and Jersey.

Cost of living

If approved the new rates will come in from 1 October 2013.

The department says it did not want to peg this increased rate to a particular measure of inflation but says the change should reflect the increase in cost of living.

It also says it did not want to make the youth and adult rates the same because of the potential risk of increasing youth unemployment.

The current minimum wage in the Isle of Man is £6.20, in Jersey it is £6.53 and in the UK it is £6.31.

Plans to increase how much the island's lowest earners get paid will be debated at the July States sitting.

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