Inquest hears of Piotr Orzelek's death after drinking

A man who died after drinking heavily was having such difficulty breathing that friends recorded the loud noises he was making, an inquest has heard.

Polish national Piotr Orzelek, 29, died in a flat in St Peter Port, Guernsey, on 23 March of a combination of alcohol poisoning and an obstructed airway.

The inquest heard he had sleep apnoea and his problems breathing had been interpreted by his friends as snoring.

A verdict of accidental death was returned at the Royal Court.

He had been drinking heavily and smoking cannabis on the night he died, the inquest heard.

Chest compressions

Four of Mr Orzelek's friends were with him and one had recorded the sound of his breathing on a mobile phone because of its volume.

After 40 minutes, they realised something was wrong, phoned for an ambulance and started carrying out chest compressions.

Ambulance staff arrived at 23:36 GMT and continued treatment but this was stopped at 23:56.

Dr Catherine Chinyama carried out a post mortem examination the following day and concluded upper airways obstruction and alcohol intoxication had caused Mr Orzelek's death.

Judge Philip Robey ruled the death accidental and gave permission for the body to be released for burial or cremation.

The inquest heard Mr Orzelek, who was known to his friends as Diesel, had moved to the island in 2008 and worked as a builder.