Guernsey Police drink-drive campaign sees 14 arrested

Guernsey Police arrested 14 people on suspicion of drinking and driving during a Christmas crackdown.

Insp Terry Coule said they had higher than acceptable levels of alcohol when stopped but not all were charged after being tested at the police station.

Insp Coule said it was not easy to measure the campaign's success.

"We would ideally like to see no drink-drivers at all," he said. "But some people do break the law and our job is to catch them."

'Socially unacceptable'

There were 10 arrests during the corresponding police campaign in 2011.

Insp Coule said his officers had seen an increase in the number of incidents where members of the public were alerting them to possible cases.

"Socially, it's become unacceptable to drink-drive," he said. "People phone up to say 'so-and-so's just left the pub' and we go and intercept them on the way home."

"People are accepting this is not the way to behave anymore," he said.

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