Most Guernsey parish elections unopposed

Only 10 of the 85 Guernsey parish roles up for election will be contested.

Six douzenier posts and four seats on the St Martin's School Committee are due to be discussed at parish meeting on Wednesday.

And one position, for a constable in the Forest, has yet to receive any nominations.

All other elections - for constables, douzeniers, constables and school committees positions - have the same number of candidates as open seats.

The contested elections, in St Saviour and St Martin, will be decided at the parish meetings or a polling date will be set.

Contested elections

St Martin douzeniers (three seats): Raymond Corbin, Carolyn Marquis, Colin Pickard, Gordon Snell and Philip Soulsby.

St Saviour douzeniers (three seats): Andrew Courtney, Edward Higgins, Jonathan Jorgenson-Lesbirel and Martyn Tanguy.

St Martin School Committee (four seats): Raymond Corbin, Barbara Herve, Michael Keirle, Paul Langlois and Suzanne Pickard.

Uncontested elections

Castel constable Kevin Walsh and douzeniers Rhiannon Cook, Nick Dorey and David Ozanne.

Forest douzeniers Richard Breban, Frank Brouard, Andrea Dodd, Vincent Helmot and Alan Le Cheminant.

Sarah Brouard and Anne Shakerley as members of the Forest School and La Mare de Carteret School Committees respectively.

St Andrew constable Martin Thwaite and douzeniers David Harry, Andrew Howat and Mike O'Hara.

St Martin constable Gerald Tattersall, procureur Paul Steer and Les Beaucamps School Committee members Kenneth Brehaut and Raymond Corbin.

St Peter Port constable Barry Cash and douzeniers Barry Cash, Neil Forman, Richard Harding, Patrick Johnson, Katina Jones and Rhoderick Matthews.

Christine Goodlass, Katina Jones, Anthony Granby and Diane Rabey as members of the Amherst Infants and Junior and Vauvert Infants and Junior Schools Committee.

Rhoderick Matthews and Jenny Tasker as members of the St Sampson's High School Committee and Dennis Le Moignan and Jenny Tasker as members of La Mare de Carteret High School Committee.

St Pierre du Bois douzeniers David De Lisle, Julian Parker and Matthieu Le Poidevin and Frances Elliott and Anne Thomas as members of La Houguette Primary School Committee.

St Sampson constable Robert Broome and douzeniers David Hugo, Ian Le Page and Christopher Pattimore.

Members of School Committees; David Corson and Paul Le Pelley for Hautes Capelles Infants and Juniors, Sheila Elmy and MacArthur Hamlet for St Sampson's Secondary, Thomas Oliver for Vale Infants and Juniors and St Sampson's Infants and Allan Harris for La Mare de Carteret Secondary.

St Saviour constables Andrew Courtney and Darrel Bertrand and Linda Falla as a member of La Houguette Schools Committee.

Torteval constable Peter Perrio and douzeniers David Inglis, Jean Lenfestey, Robin McGhee and Peter Pannett.

Mary Singer as a member of the Forest School Committee and Arrun Wilkie as a member of La Mare de Carteret Secondary School Committee.

Vale constable John Granger and douzeniers William Cohu, Noel Duquemin, Richard Leale and Laurie Queripel.

Members of School Committees; John Bichard, David Bradshaw and Janet De Jersey for Vale Juniors and Infants and St Sampson's Infants, Richard Leale and Mary Lowe for Hautes Capelles Primary and Jane Smithies and Jeremy Smithies for St Sampson's High School.

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