Guernsey Airport landing system parts removed

Part of the landing system at Guernsey airport has been removed and replaced with a temporary structure.

A set of antennae at the western end of the runway has been taken away to allow the runway to be moved 120m west.

Colin Le Ray, the director of Guernsey Airport, said the manufacture of a replacement antennae - known as a "localiser" - had been delayed.

He said a temporary steel structure had been erected close to the western boundary of the airport.

Mr Le Ray said he hoped the new localiser would have arrived and been installed by the middle of 2013.

He added that the new equipment was originally supposed to be around 10m high, but was now expected to be around 5m.

He said he expected the final design to be less unsightly for nearby residents.

The work to replace the localiser and move the runway is part of an £81m scheme to rehabilitate the airport's surfaces and drainage.

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