Sir Isaac Brock remembered by Guernsey events

Canadian flag flies on Guernsey memorial mast as parade of standards walk past
Image caption Canada's prime minister described Brock's victory at Queenston Heights as helping to forge a strong and united Canada

Commemoration events have been held for the 200th anniversary of the death of Maj Gen Sir Isaac Brock.

A parade, wreath laying and church service have been held in the Canadian military hero's birthplace of Guernsey, in the Channel Islands.

Gen Brock, dubbed the Hero of Upper Canada, died in 1812 leading a British, Canadian and First Nation army to victory over an invading American army.

The events started with the raising of the Canadian flag on the memorial mast.

Colonel Paul Keddy, the Canadian Defence Attache, raised the flag at 08:45 BST.

A parade, which included veterans and standards from local emergency services, armed forces groups and volunteer and charity organisations, then marched from the mast to Sir Isaac's former family home which is now Boots.

Wreaths were laid outside the shop before the parade proceeded to the Town Church for a commemoration service.

A 15-gun salute was fired at midday, which due to the time difference with Canada was exactly 200 years on from when Gen Brock was killed at 07:00 on 13 October 1812 at the Battle of Queenston Heights in Ontario.

Plans to unveil a specially commissioned bust were delayed due to the sculptor being ill.

Image caption Bailiff Richard Collas raised a wreath under a plaque to Gen Brock

The Brock Memorial Foundation, set up by one of Gen Brock's descendants, hopes to "provide support for projects that celebrate the legacy of Sir Isaac Brock" including raising identical statues of Sir Isaac in both Guernsey and Canada.

Richard Collas, the Bailiff of Guernsey, shared a letter he was sent by the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper.

Mr Harper wrote: "As Canada celebrates the bicentennial of the War of 1812, I am honoured to join you in recognizing a leading figure in the battles that would define our nation.

"His leadership and bravery at the Battle of Queenston Heights earned him iconic status as the "Hero of Upper Canada".

"Though he died in defence of the colony, his sacrifice was not in vain.

"Brock's thwarting of the American assault was a key victory in the War of 1812 and a step towards forging a strong and united Canada."

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