Guernsey pension and benefits may rise by 3.6%

Guernsey States members are being asked to approve a 3.6% increase in the island's pensions.

The Social Security Department has recommended a £6.72 a week rise for next year.

If proposals are approved next month the full rate pension for a single person will increase to £192.85 a week and to £289.45 for couples.

Other benefits, including sickness, unemployment and bereavement, are also being recommended for a 3.6% rise.

A rise of 3.1% has been suggested for non-contributory benefits, such as supplementary benefit, family allowances and attendance and invalid care allowances.

'Strike a balance'

Social Security Minister Allister Langlois said: "We understand that our pensioners would welcome a higher increase, especially with the recent news about electricity prices.

"But we have to strike a balance between the level of benefits being paid out and the long-term implications for the fund."

Social Security have also recommended an increase of £50 in the supplementary benefit limitation, taking it from a maximum of £450 per week to £500 per week.

This is expected to benefit 43 families currently affected by the limit.

The department has also recommended the introduction of maximum rent allowances for some supplementary benefit households.

Social Security has also proposed removing the lower age limit for entitlement to bereavement allowance as currently a widow or widower has to be aged 40 or older when widowed to receive the 52 week bereavement allowance.

Although it would continue to not be available to pensioners.

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