Guernsey States may contest UK plan to print passports

Guernsey's Home Department will consider whether to contest plans to print all British passports in the UK.

The UK government recently announced it wanted to centralise printing of all passports for security reasons.

Deputy Geoff Mahy, Home Minister, said: "We have to lay out all the costings... to produce them, when every penny of that we have to give to England."

Guernsey agreed in 1987 to hand over all revenue raised from passports to the UK as a contribution to defence.

The Home Department said about £70,000 was handed to the UK each year in accordance with the agreement.

Passports issued in Guernsey are British passports but bear the name of the Bailiwick of Guernsey and can only be issued in the island.

Jersey has already said it will contest the plans as it currently makes a profit from the production of the passports.

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