Guernsey election 2012: West district candidates' manifestos

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Ten candidates in the West district are seeking election to the States of Guernsey on 18 April.

A total of 4,294 islanders have signed up on the electoral roll for the West, with six seats available.

Every voter has six votes, equal to the number of seats, and can choose to use as many or as few as they wish.

In 2008 a total of 13,340 votes were cast by 2,945 voters, with the average person using 4.5 of their votes. At that election 12 candidates stood, one fewer than in 2004.

We gave each West candidate 100 words to express why they think people should vote for them and offered them the chance to record a speech of up to a minute. Here is what they said:

West District Deputies Election 2012

Candidate 100-word and audio manifestos
Al Brouard Al Brouard

Al Brouard: One-minute manifesto

The single most important issue for me is the island economy because without that engine room we will not have the tax receipts to pay for the island services, health, roads, etc.

The challenge going forward is balancing that level of income, the States receive from our taxes, against an even greater demand for services.

I bring eight years of States experience, a career in banking, and the knowledge of running my own business.

Guernsey and its community is a special place in the world. I will do my best to keep it so.

Thank you.

Yvonne Burford Yvonne Burford

Yvonne Burford: One-minute manifesto

I'm a local, a mother, a pilot, a potter and an environmentalist.

My values centre on fairness, the local and wider environment, and keeping Guernsey the unique place that it is.

I'm standing for election because I'd like to contribute to a more representative States that listens to islanders' ideas and concerns.

I'd strive for more restraint and common sense in capital expenditure, effective waste prevention and reduction measures, more support for small local enterprises, a fully integrated transport strategy, practical energy-saving measures and renewable energy generation.

I'll always be happy to listen - so please get in touch.

Website: Twitter: @YvonneBurford

David De Lisle David De Lisle

David De Lisle: One-minute manifesto

I believe in an open, transparent government which reflects the needs and desires of the community.

I will continue to be proactive and progress matters of public concern.

The States must do more with less, strengthen financial controls, improve accountability, maximise opportunities in business, diversify our economy, encourage independent business.

Modify Zero-10 so that the burden of taxation is not transferred from corporate sector to individuals, families and pensioners.

Reforms must take place in education to raise standards.

Development plans must be sympathetic to the community.

Kerbside recycling and local business waste initiatives must be taken on board.

Gloria Dudley-Owen Gloria Dudley-Owen

Gloria Dudley-Owen: One-minute manifesto

We enjoy a great seashore and environment.

Keeping our population at 63,000 is fundamental to our life quality.

Good education from early years, and values instilled for a safe, fair society, inspire the best achievements from children.

An equitable tax system, reform of Zero-10, will yield sufficient taxes for government to spend wisely on infrastructure.

Waste minimisation strategy, social and housing for older people, helping small businesses, retaining our unique Guernsey identity are issues I work with as an experienced Deputy, with your vote I can continue.

I listen, research, and question, on your behalf.

Please Vote Gloria Dudley-Owen


Paul Garlick Paul Garlick

Paul Garlick: One-minute manifesto

I live in the Forest with my partner who owns a company in St Pierre du Bois. I have been the MD of a number of Channel Island businesses and am now seeking a new challenge.

I would relish the opportunity to work for the good of the Western Parishes and our island.

In summary my approach to island issues is to address the budget deficit, but not increase the burden on the individual tax payer.

My social policy priorities are health, education, social welfare and housing.

I am committed to preserving the Western Parishes rural countryside.

Thank You

Dave Gorvel Dave Gorvel

Dave Gorvel: One-minute manifesto

I have always had an interest in local politics having spent 15 years in various elected roles within the Forest Douzaine.

Now semi-retired and having spent all my working life as an employer running a medium-sized business, I took responsibility for making difficult decisions.

It has made me aware of having to weigh up all the options, the facts and figures in making crucial decisions.

The experience I have gained in all the years in business and in the Douzaine, can be put to good use for the benefit of the people of Guernsey.


David Inglis David Inglis

David Inglis: One-minute manifesto

There are many aspects to consider when deciding to venture into politics, ability, strength of character and commitment, to name just a few.

I believe that I possess these and want to ensure that I can serve with integrity, honesty and most of all a firm belief and desire to deliver a positive contribution to all within our community.

I have strong business credentials when dealing with people, I am not frightened of the challenge and responsibility that leadership requires, I work as a team player - people make it work not individuals - 'let's work together'.

Website: Twitter: @DavidInglisGsy

Shane Langlois Shane Langlois

Shane Langlois: One-minute manifesto

The key word over the next four years will be 'prioritisation'.

If we are to eliminate the States' budget deficit without raising new taxes, any new services or benefits will have to be funded within departments' existing budgets.

This will involve not only making efficiency savings but also deciding whether any new service should have priority over an existing service.

Such a process will not be easy but closely questioning the justification for existing services or subsidies could have a healthy outcome and provide a good base to work from once the States' finances improve.

Roger Perrot Roger Perrot

Roger Perrot: One-minute manifesto

Hello, I'm Roger Perrot, aged 65. I am candidate for the West.

I believe in:

1) A greater distancing of Guernsey from the government at Westminster, particularly in respect of our enacting our own laws and negotiating our own treaties.

2) The States living within their means, and neither borrowing nor increasing the present rate of income taxation.

3) Smaller government.

4) Collective responsibility in respect of the Policy Council.

5) Paid parking, subject to a carve-out for short-term parking for shoppers in Saint Peter Port and Saint Sampson.

Arrun Wilkie Arrun Wilkie

Arrun Wilkie: One-minute manifesto

I am a 39-year-old local man born in Guernsey and currently living in Torteval with my fiancé and two daughters.

I established my own business in 2000, a local plumbing firm.

I am currently a Douzenier and have held the post of Senior Constable and Junior Constable.

I am also a member of the Guernsey Douzaine Council.

The big issues for me are a fully balanced economic plan, a reduction in States spending to prevent a Guernsey sales tax, a Freedom of Information Act, island-wide voting and legislation to help first-time buyers.

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