Guernsey Election 2012: St Sampson Candidates

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Eleven candidates in the St Sampson's District are seeking election to the States of Guernsey on 18 April.

A total of 4,419 islanders have signed up on the electoral roll for the district, with six seats available.

Every voter has six votes, equal to the number of seats, and can choose to use as many or as few as they wish.

In 2008 a total of 12,674 votes were cast by 2,755 voters, with the average person using 4.6 of their votes. At that election 13 candidates stood, two more than in 2004.

We gave each St Sampson's candidate 100 words to express why you should vote for them and offered them the chance to record up to a minute of speech. Here is what they said:

St Sampson's District Deputies Election 2012

Candidate 100-word and audio manifestos
Caroline Bowker Caroline Bowker

Caroline Bowker: One-minute manifesto

Are you satisfied with our current States or could it be improved?

Do we need more capable people in the States… perhaps more women?

My track record representing over 400 teachers shows that I make decisions based on sound, informed judgement and practical suggestions capable of achieving real improvements.

I bring confidence, capability and experience.

I make no spurious promises, but as a working mother and grandmother hope to provide balance, social responsibility and reason to the States.

Trust me with your vote and I will honour that trust by remaining within listening distance of St Sampson's voters.

Twitter: @bowkercj

Sarah Breton Sarah Breton

Sarah Breton: One-minute manifesto

I feel at present we have moved forward too quickly, creating an in balance and have not taken consideration of all sectors of Guernsey.

If you take a fruit tree as an example: If you cut away too many roots, the fruit yield will drop and eventually the tree will be swept over by the winds.

We need to readdress the balance, equality and harmony of Guernsey together, as a whole.

I look forward to answering your questions in the run-up to the election and hope you will vote for me for St Sampson and Guernsey.

Rob Broome Rob Broome

Rob Broome: One-minute manifesto

My name is Robert Broome and I am standing in the Parish of St Sampson.

I have served as a parish representative for the last four years both as a Douzenier and Constable and been a member of the Island Douzaine Council for the last two years.

As a result I am aware of many issues that concern the people of Guernsey.

Throughout this time I have always done my best by listening to the people and taking their concerns seriously.

My promise to you is that if elected I would continue to work hard with honesty and common sense.

Peter Gillson Peter Gillson

Peter Gillson: One-minute manifesto

I have been a member of Commerce & Employment Department, Deputy Minister of the Health and Social Services Department, member of the Environmental Policy Group, Strategic Land Planning Group and Waste Disposal Authority.

A strong, diversified economy is essential, to protect the services we enjoy the next Government needs to balance the books through further efficiency savings, not new taxes or charges.

The savings programme we have started needs to be completed.

My successful experience in the States and in business gives me a unique basis to continue to be an effective Deputy for both the parish, and the island.

Paul Le Pelley Paul Le Pelley

Paul Le Pelley: One-minute manifesto

Paul Le Pelley (b1950) married, two children.

Educated Grammar School.

Teacher, St Sampson's Secondary School (1973 - 2005)

Museum Curator, Folk Museum (2005 - 2012).

St Sampson's Parish Constable and Welfare Officer (2011 - 2012).

A "people person" willing to listen, learn and to help.

Wants to:

• Curb public spending • Improve education standards (primary and secondary) • Create more jobs for locals • Reinstate Reciprocal Health Agreement • Improve health care, position of carers, elderly, disabled, poor and mentally ill • Build more affordable houses for first-time buyers • Slow population growth • Implement a workable traffic strategy • Reflate tourism industry • Review machinery of government.

Thank you.


Scott Ogier Scott Ogier

Scott Ogier: One-minute manifesto

Hello, I am currently Deputy Minister for Public Services Department and sit on Education, Social Security and the Public Sector Remuneration Committee.

I have been heavily involved in the waste solution and I would like to continue my work on PSD to implement 70% recycling.

On social security we continued to strengthen the pension with above RPI rises.

The completed education review will fix most of the issues identified by Mulkerrin's report; our children's education is already improving.

I'm in favour of island-wide voting whilst retaining the valuable parish connection. I am not in favour of GST.

Website: Twitter: @DeputyOgier

Ivan Rihoy Ivan Rihoy

Ivan Rihoy: One-minute manifesto

I'm a proud Guernseyman who cares for his island.

Decisions need to be made and kept.

The zero-10 strategy has generated a £30m deficit, with increased living costs must be reviewed.

Our planning laws are not flexible.

Review of Guernsey's constitution, including island wide voting.

Good health and education scheme is essential.

Openness and transparency.

Working as a team strategically.

Work for local companies wherever possible.

Tougher sentencing and community service for violence and drug crimes.

Housing laws require innovative thinking.

I can't be right all the time, but I can offer stability, experience, compassion and proven leadership.

Jane Stephens Jane Stephens

Jane Stephens: One-minute manifesto

Since 2008 I have researched and asked important questions and achieved increased accountability and good governance.

Next term I will support HSSD's 20/20 Vision, the Older Person's Strategy, building extra care and affordable housing, an anti-poverty strategy, the raising of standards of achievement in all schools, and the affordable management of waste. My priorities remain children, working families, older people, disabled islanders and their quality of life in our island.

And to pay for our future, I support maintaining strong commerce and trade, eradicating waste and promoting efficiency measures like the introduction of zero based budgeting across the States.

Kevin Stewart Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart: One-minute manifesto

Many of you will know me from my work presenting on radio, I also worked in the UK from 2002 until 2010 as chief executive of a large local radio group which I helped to build.

My record in Guernsey speaks for itself. Over 25 years I have been part of numerous projects for hundreds of charities.

People that I have worked alongside at these charities will tell you "Kevin gets things done".

A vote for Kevin Stewart is a vote in St Sampson's for common sense and action. There are some big challenges ahead and I'm ready.

Website: Twitter: @kevinstewartgsy

Gavin St Pier Gavin St Pier

Gavin St Pier: One-minute manifesto

Government serves us - not the other way around.

To provide high quality public services, government must tax us, but it must spend in the most effective way.

I do not want to cut public services, but we must cut the cost of public services.

Ensuring that benefits are directed to those in real need requires a radical review of the benefit and tax system.

I oppose new or raised taxes until inefficiency has been reduced.

Deputies are accountable for their own conduct and the departments on which they sit and should seek to hold other public servants to account.

Website: Twitter: @gavinstpier

Lyndon Trott Lyndon Trott

Lyndon Trott: One-minute manifesto

First elected 12 years ago, I have been proud to serve St Sampson's.

Along the way I have been given more responsibility, and for the last 4 years I've had the honour of being Chief Minister.

Deputies elected me to this position because I am reliable and trusted, truthful and open.

I will continue to champion affordable public services, fair taxes for hard-working people, the best possible education for our children, strengthening of the old age pension and healthcare system, meaningful reform of our system of government, and robust external relations.

Tough times call for experienced, energetic and dedicated people.


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