Guernsey Election 2012: St Peter Port North Candidates

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Fourteen candidates in the St Peter Port North District are seeking election to the States of Guernsey on 18 April.

A total of 3,779 islanders have signed up on the electoral roll for the district, with seven seats available.

Every voter has seven votes, equal to the number of seats, and can choose to use as many or as few as they wish.

In 2008 a total of 11,134 votes were cast by 2,196 voters, with the average person using 5.1 of their votes. At that election 14 candidates stood, one fewer than in 2004.

We gave each St Peter Port North candidate 100 words to express why you should vote for them and offered them the chance to record up to a minute of speech. Here is what they said:

St Peter Port North District Deputies Election 2012

Candidate 100-word and audio manifestos
Elis Bebb Elis Bebb

Elis Bebb: One-minute manifesto

You deserve better and more accountable government.

One that is open to public scrutiny to restore faith in government.

With an annual budget deficit of £30m we need to make difficult decisions on reducing the running cost of the island, such as reviewing universal benefits, but maintaining appropriate support to the most vulnerable in our society.

These decisions must be made in public to gain public support.

I also believe that we're lacking equality legislation, we even lack race equality legislation.

This should be looked at holistically to eradicate discrimination.

I hope to have the opportunity to make these changes.


Mike Collins Mike Collins

Mike Collins: One-minute manifesto

I am standing for election again in St Peter Port North to represent the district where I was in business for most of my 33 years in Guernsey.

My experience at the Chamber of Commerce has given me a strong understanding of many of the issues facing Town.

I am a practical person with a good knowledge of computer systems and business both on the island and further afield.

I have had extensive hands-on experience of finance and accounting systems during my business career.

In standing as deputy I have no current directorships or other financial interests to declare.

Richard Conder Richard Conder

Richard Conder: One-minute manifesto

I have worked for more than forty years in business and higher education including nine years as Chief Executive of the Guernsey Training Agency.

I am a qualified accountant and company secretary and believe that I can utilise my experience and qualifications in helping to secure the future prosperity of our Island

The key principles upon which I am standing are:

• Rigorous control of taxation and States expenditure

• No public sector borrowing

• Open and transparent government

• Fair education opportunities for all children

• Sustaining the skills of our workforce

• Protecting the vulnerable members of our community

• Protecting our environment and heritage

Keith Fisher Keith Fisher

Keith Fisher: One-minute manifesto


• Chartered engineer and company secretary.

• Elected Douzenier.


• I support initiatives that demonstrate that Guernsey is the best place to do business.

• I will challenge all public expenditure budgets and business plans.


• An education system fit for the 21st Century must be created.


• I strongly support a system that continues to provide a range of social services to all.


• My priority will be to place you and your interests first.

• I pledge that I will strive to ensure that we will be proud to live and work in this beautiful island.

Leon Gallienne Leon Gallienne

Leon Gallienne: One-minute manifesto

I am Leon Gallienne. I have been a Deputy for St Peter Port for the last 12 years.

It has been an honour for me to have represented the people of the parish. I hope that I am able to continue to serve for another four.

For the past six years I have been the chairman of the Public Account Committee.

I have played a key role in identifying the changes required for the quality of government that Guernsey's people have been calling for.

This process has only just begun; more work is needed, so please help me to continue.

John Gollop John Gollop

John Gollop: One-minute manifesto

My new Mission Statement for the challenging next term is to make government more open, transparent and accountable to voters.

We need more open committee meetings, Freedom of Information and Access to key decision making.

My vision will be on making Guernsey and Town an even better place to live, more inclusive to disabled, minorities, and older people with family friendly policies promoting creches, nursery education, tax and welfare reform, with greater flexibility for school's local management.

I support greener initiatives: kerbside recycling, and improved Town bus services.

I will also focus on corporate tax strategies strengthening our global competitiveness.

Twitter: @GollopGuern

Joseph Irvin Joseph Irvin

Joseph Irvin: One-minute manifesto

Guernsey has become my home and I love it.

We must appreciate that life here is good.

We're fortunate to live in a low tax society but that goes hand-in-hand with a lower serviced society.

However, it's apparent that we're moving towards a higher and costlier serviced society.

I'm in favour of improving Guernsey but if we continue down this road of unchecked spending we'll see higher taxes and a swelling administration without an improved lifestyle across Guernsey.

I'm standing to propose that we run Guernsey in a business-like fashion led by logic and common-sense for the benefit of all.

Twitter: @DeputyJoseph

Michelle Le Clerc Michelle Le Clerc

Michelle Le Clerc: One-minute manifesto

I want to see improved decision making within our government and greater accountability.

I want to reduce the number of deputies and then introduce an acceptable island wide voting scheme.

We must ensure that our education system is modernised and overhauled to meet the needs of all of our young people.

I want to ensure that the vulnerable within our community young and old are considered and looked after.

And finally we have limited financial resources and like every household we must continue to prioritise and spend every penny wisely.

Website: Twitter: @mkleclerc

Rhoderick Matthews Rhoderick Matthews

Rhoderick Matthews: One-minute manifesto

St Peter Port Deputy and Douzenier for 12 years, born in Guernsey. Married with three children working in finance; two grandchildren at colleges.

Finance and other industries must thrive, but States must bring its finances into order. Taxation must be broadly based.

Health, education and public services can be improved.

Environment must be protected. Parking and traffic must be made easier.

I have tried to represent all the people and have not hesitated to speak out when the States were getting it wrong.

All States departments must be accountable, including the police.

Please vote for me on April 18th.

Twitter: @RhoderickM

Lester Queripel Lester Queripel

Lester Queripel: One-minute manifesto

The focus of the next States has to be the economy and sustainability.

It's vital that we create a sustainable future for our children as well as ourselves.

Therefore, our politicians need to be able to think laterally.

They must have an awareness of ALL the issues that the island now faces.

They need to be innovative.

They need to have the desire to work in a cohesive and pragmatic fashion.

They need to be able to work corporately, responsibly and efficiently.

Above all, they must have the courage to be proactive and make decisions!

James Renier James Renier

James Renier: One-minute manifesto

Candidate James Renier, I was born 20/12/68, I am 43 years old, unmarried.

Live in St Peter Port North and standing for Deputy.

I have fished since 1995 for bass, turbot, brill, pollack and ray, also a carpenter.

I stand for:

Environmental reasons as follows: 12 Mile Licensing fishery limits/sustainable fisheries, renewable energies if proven, such as tidal power, also a new incinerator.

Economic reasons: Promote finance, in harder economic times manage States budgets with efficiency, to maintain harbours, airports to regulations. Keep fuel taxes to businesses low and exempt marine and farm fuel and diversify businesses to vary the island economy.

Matt Robert Matt Robert

Matt Robert: One-minute manifesto

31 years old, local, passionate, family man, proactive and energetic.

Matt is a 31-year-old family man, born and bred on Guernsey. He grew up on Chemin des Monts Estate (Castel).

Matt has extensive knowledge and experience in working with children from 4-19 years old as this has been his main work area for 12 years.

A volunteer, a football coach, a school teaching assistant, many roles.

Over the years, Matt has worked closely with many fellow professionals in the development of children/young adults.

''Developing young people into good citizens''

The child's upbringing is paramount. They are our future.

Peter Sherbourne Peter Sherbourne

Peter Sherbourne: One-minute manifesto

I am a retired headteacher and during my long and varied career I gained first hand experience of the impact of states policies on ordinary families.

Many islanders have become disillusioned with our government and are now voting with their feet.

Our government needs to be proactive rather than reactive and our leaders need to engage with the community in a more open and welcoming way.

We need our States to become 'enablers' and not 'restrictors'.

Substantial change is required to modernise the way we are governed and I would like to play a part in that process.

Website: Twitter: @sherbs1

Martin Storey Martin Storey

Martin Storey: One-minute manifesto

Managing the island will be challenging over the next few years given the world's economic turmoil and the imbalances we have to correct in Guernsey.

I see the main imbalances as:

• Balancing the books - already identified savings MUST be banked.

• Education - equip children for their work choice.

• Population - verify numbers, then plan.

• The built environment - the island's identity must be preserved - Homes not units!

• Waste - recycle/off island (solid), improved outfall (liquid).

My mission is a confident, educated population with the services they deserve, benefits and pensions when needed and their self-identity as Guernsey islanders recognised and valued.

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