Guernsey Election 2012: South East Candidates

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Eleven candidates in the South East District are seeking election to the States of Guernsey on 18 April.

A total of 4,513 islanders have signed up on the electoral roll for the district, with six seats available.

Every voter has six votes, equal to the number of seats, and can choose to use as many or as few as they wish.

In 2008 a total of 13,231 votes were cast by 2,868 voters, with the average person using 4.6 of their votes. At that election 11 candidates stood, two fewer than in 2004.

We gave each South East candidate 100 words to express why you should vote for them and offered them the chance to record up to a minute of speech. Here is what they said:

South East District Deputies Election 2012

Candidate 100-word and audio manifestos
Arthur Eldridge Arthur Eldridge

Arthur Eldridge: One-minute manifesto

After forty years in business, I am not looking for a career as a politician, I am looking to be a Deputy who will get things done and protect Guernsey's heritage.

Recent events have made it even more important to create the right environment for small businesses to grow and employ more local people. We must boost our tourist trade.

Exporting our waste does not help employment, it increases our carbon footprint and the costs are likely to be prohibitive.

I am for tidal and wave power but against windfarms.

Make a difference, please vote Arthur Eldridge on April 18th.

Mike Hadley Mike Hadley

Mike Hadley: One-minute manifesto

The important issues for the next four years are:

• More effective public engagement to develop government strategy.

• Greater scrutiny of government.

• Balancing taxation and spending.

• Effective waste disposal.

• An effective environmentally sound transport strategy.

• Reform for more effective government.

• Reducing long term unemployment.

• Joined up education, social care and childcare to help teenagers who are not in education or work.

• Better joined up social and health care.

• Facilitating business development.

• A referendum on the reform of government and Island wide voting.

I wish to continue on the HSSD board reviewing service delivery and developments.

Janine Le Sauvage Janine Le Sauvage

Janine Le Sauvage: One-minute manifesto

Guernsey is an attractive place to live, work and visit. If re-elected, I intend to keep it that way!

Guernsey must attract the right sort of business to diversify our economy. Renewable energy I predict as being big business for the future.

We must protect our environment. Preserve our natural and built heritage. All future development must be sustainable, designed and built to a high standard and actually necessary.

We must provide the best possible education system.

Meeting the requirements of an ageing population is a challenge, not a problem.

Keeping people fit, active and independent will require extra funding.

Paul Luxon Paul Luxon

Paul Luxon: One-minute manifesto

I have decided to stand in the People's Deputy elections on April 18th, to offer my skills and experiences in an attempt to make a difference in how our island is governed.

Sometimes Guernsey enjoys success 'in spite of good government rather than because of…', however with the current global and UK economic vulnerability it is essential we develop local strategies and policy that can ensure success for Guernsey 'because of rather than in spite of…'.

With fairness and equality for all 62,000 residents, underpinned by a strong economy funding excellent social services.


Martyn Mahe Martyn Mahe

Martyn Mahe: One-minute manifesto

I was born, educated and have spent my career as a chartered accountant in Guernsey.

A manifesto is "a public declaration of principles and intentions":


1. Open and transparent accountability.

2. Fairness for all.

3. Integrity and common sense in decision making.


1. An efficient and effective government.

2. To use my experience to make a positive contribution.

3. A fair allocation of resources and the eradication of unnecessary expenditure and overspends.


Our economy is under pressure from many directions and therefore we need to be resourceful and not complacent.

Being no longer the UK's "Dear Channel Islands" we must fight our corner.

Aidan Matthews Aidan Matthews

Aidan Matthews: One-minute manifesto

In this election you have a real choice: you can vote for the same "business as usual" approach, or you can vote to make a real difference.

I am standing because I believe we should have more open government.

I would like to see freedom of information about our government made a reality.

The voices of the young, the elderly, of people working hard and struggling to make their way in life can too easily be lost.

I would champion this cause in the States.

My thoughts on many other matters are in my manifesto.

Twitter: @aidandsmatthews

Mike O'Hara Mike O'Hara

Mike O'Hara: One-minute manifesto

The community and our youth are very much part of my life and I have done my best to serve them whenever and wherever I can.

Unemployment is rising. Encouraging new companies and assisting present industry is vital.

We must protect our heritage and not let outside influences affect our way of life and island pride.

Education and health must be supported.

Population, energy and social issues must be addressed.

The next States faces many challenges.

It must have commitment, stability and continuity with a vision for the future.

Please let me try and give you that future.

Francis Quin Francis Quin

Francis Quin: One-minute manifesto

I served on the Home Department and chaired both the Liquor Licensing and Gambling Control Committees.

I'm also a Member of Culture and Leisure and chair the CI Lottery Committee which presented £214,000 to local charities this year.

Education - The Mulkerrin report was a real eye opener, he is now looking at the primary sector. We must learn the lessons and not let standards slip.

On capital expenditure we must be living within our means and not fall into the trap of borrowing.

The States Strategic Plan gives a clear approach to the direction the States are going in.

Robert Sillars Robert Sillars

Robert Sillars: One-minute manifesto

Over the last four years I have firstly researched and then strived to make the correct judgements on behalf of the South East electorate and Guernsey.

I am a businessman and I believe that these skills have enabled me to contribute effectively.

My achievements over the last four years reflect my last manifesto in 2008.

I am the new Minister of Education.

I was on the Commerce and Employment Board and worked hard to help diversify our economy.

The new image rights law is an example.

I am Chairman of Renewable Energy responsible for delivering offshore renewable energy.

Heidi Soulsby Heidi Soulsby

Heidi Soulsby: One-minute manifesto

A government fit for purpose:

• Accountability and transparency, including a more directly accountable voting system.

• Sustainable funding policy • Leadership and direction • Operational efficiency

Strong and diversified economy:

• Support local businesses • Cut red tape

• Balanced regulatory environment • Encourage new start-ups

Top class education for all:

• Locally managed schools • Excellent teacher scheme

• New education law • Promote lifelong learning

Environmental sustainability:

• Reduce fossil fuel consumption • Reduce waste

• Pursue renewable energy options • Effective public transport

Caring and cohesive society:

• Strategy for healthcare • Help mums get back to work

• Develop housing strategy • Action plan for overseas aid

Twitter: @HeidiSoulsby

Margaret Talbot-Cull

This candidate has asked the electorate not to vote for her.

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