Guernsey election 2012: Vale candidates' manifestos

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Nine candidates in the Vale district are seeking election to the States of Guernsey on 18 April.

A total of 5,141 islanders have signed up on the electoral roll for the Vale district, with seven seats available.

Every voter has seven votes, equal to the number of seats, and can choose to use as many or as few as they wish.

In 2008 a total of 17,474 votes were cast by 3,392 voters, with the average person using 5.2 of their votes. At that election 12 candidates stood, one more than in 2004.

The BBC gave each Vale candidate 100 words to express why they think people should vote for them and offered them the chance to record a speech of up to a minute. Here is what they said:

Vale District Deputies Election 2012

Candidate 100-word and audio manifestos
Garry Collins Garry Collins

Garry Collins: One-minute manifesto

I am very proud to have been born in Guernsey and educated in Vale.

I am in my early 30s and I have worked for the Civil Service (in the Treasury Department) for seven years and the private sector (in finance) for eight years for some very successful companies.

I passionately believe in improving our education system, housing, controlling licences being issued, as this will better control our population numbers and being an administration of a very successful sport, improving all the facilities around the Island.

How would I describe myself?

Honest, passionate, hardworking, down to earth, professional, loyal and caring.

Matt Fallaize Matt Fallaize

Matt Fallaize: One-minute manifesto

I was elected in 2008 as the island's youngest deputy.

I am now seeking re-election and respectfully request that you consider casting one of your votes for me when the Vale goes to the polls on 18th April.

My manifesto outlines my record since 2008 and explains the principles and policies I wish to pursue over the next four years in order to promote economic prosperity, social justice, environmental protection and reform of government.

I am walking the parish to hand deliver my manifesto and meet as many parishioners as possible.

My manifesto is also available on my website.


Dave Jones Dave Jones

Dave Jones: One-minute manifesto

The challenges that face the island in the next four years are many and varied.

The most important of them being protecting our vibrant economy, reducing unemployment and putting in place the island's corporate tax strategy.

Bringing education back on track, together with sorting once and for all the island's waste strategy.

Raising enough revenue to continue upgrading the island's infrastructure and if we continue to cut government waste, we can use those savings for these vital upgrades.

I will continue to show the leadership and commitment to this community I have demonstrated at Housing, to achieve all these things.

Andrew Le Lievre Andrew Le Lievre

Andrew Le Lievre: One-minute manifesto

I believe this next States must seek to balance the competing demands for good quality health services; affordable housing; high stands of education; and sustainable levels of social benefits with an equally sustainable and affordable fiscal policy.

To allow services to stand still is to watch them slowly degrade.

To promise to do more with less sounds good but it will not deliver - for sure the States can be more efficient but not to the degree that efficiencies alone will fund new or improved services.

Support a States that balances economic policy with the needs of the community.


Mary Lowe Mary Lowe

Mary Lowe: One-minute manifesto

There are still efficiencies to be made within the States, part of our job as custodians of the public purse is to pursue these by saving much-needed funds.

Social issues must be higher up the States agenda, many pensioners and families are finding it increasingly difficult to manage financially.

The next report on population needs to find a balance that does not stifle business but ensures the quality of life continues to be enjoyed by many.

I hope if re-elected I can continue to use my 18 years' experience to give some continuity towards the well-being of the island.


Laurie Queripel Laurie Queripel

Laurie Queripel: One-minute manifesto

As a Parish Constable and Vale Douzenier I feel I've been accessible, approachable and pro-active.

My politics are progressive and I have a due regard for Guernsey's environment, identity and rich culture.

I believe:

• that an inclusive society benefits the whole community

• that greater economic diversity and resilience is required

• that we must provide truly affordable homes for our young people

• that meaningful support for local business and light industry is essential

• that the States need to be more aware, decisive, pro-active, responsible and accountable

Tony Spruce Tony Spruce

Tony Spruce: One-minute manifesto

Dear Vale elector,

Please vote at the coming election. Your decision is vitally important.

During the past four years I believe I have demonstrated commitment to our parish, and have been active on many island-wide issues.

I have maintained an independent, knowledge based, and common sense approach to my voting.

My manifesto will provide you with a detailed review of my States responsibilities over the past four years, together with my views on numerous issues.

Please give me your vote on the 18th April. I believe I can offer integrity, experience, and commitment.

James Symons James Symons

James Symons: One-minute manifesto

Vote for James Symons in the Vale and vote for:

• Keeping Guernsey unique and individual

• A States manifesto to respond quickly to voters' wishes

• Commitment to open government

• Island Wide Voting

• Reduction in size and cost of government

• Greater environmental awareness

• Planning water resources to counter less rainfall

• Solar power for homes

• Break even for Aurigny

• More sheltered housing schemes

• Paid parking in SPP & funds going to encourage bus use

• Environmentally responsible sewage treatment

• Support for better secondary education

• Back to basics employment strategy


Tony Webber Tony Webber

Tony Webber: One-minute manifesto

Thirteen years as Deputy/Conseiller, experience of many committees, including income tax.

Proven exceptionally capable, committed, reliable, record, with 100% attendance.

Guernseyman, graduate, professionally qualified, business consultant with wide successful managerial commercial and financial experience. Father and grandfather.

Numerous chairmanships and broad involvement in local sports, arts, environmental, charitable and public interest bodies.

Passionate about island, refreshed, ready to devote energy and new ideas for better quality government.

Will work for strong economy to improve services, and to have better democracy, transparency and accountability.

Offers strong listening leadership, with Christian principles of hard work, humility, compassion, wisdom and dedicated public service.

Website: Twitter: @tony_webber

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