Guernsey prisoners to be barred from smoking in cells

Inmates at Guernsey's Les Nicolles prison are to be banned from smoking in their cells from 1 January next year.

As part of a phased programme of restrictions, prisoners have been barred from smoking anywhere at the prison other than in their cells.

David Matthews, the deputy governor, said: "We think it's no longer acceptable to subject people to the harmful effects of secondary smoking."

"Staff have to enter those cells on a daily basis."

Prisoner Jason Richardson said: "A lot of people are going to be very agitated.

"If they have to stop smoking, I think there's going to be an atmosphere in the prison.

"I think there should be allocated wings for smokers."

Mr Matthews said 88% of inmates smoked.

Those who wish to give up will be offered help through the advice service Guernsey Quitline and through nicotine replacement therapy.

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