'Panicked' Guernsey drivers advised to keep calm

"Panicked" reactions from Guernsey drivers have prompted the island's emergency services to plead for calm.

Carrie Goodall, the station manager at St John Ambulance and Rescue, said some drivers had been "panicked into trying to get out of our way".

Traffic Sgt John Tostevin of Guernsey Police said: "Don't speed up, try and race ahead or take any evasive action like pulling into a private driveway.

"Just allow the emergency vehicle to get past."

However, Sgt Tostevin advised motorists that mounting the pavement to allow the emergency vehicles to get past was permissible because of the island's unusual driving conditions.

He said: "Guernsey driving does necessitate, at times, people driving on the footpath... but if you do, you have to be driving very slowly."

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