States has done 'nothing' to cut car use, says cyclist

Guernsey's States has done nothing to reduce car use, said the retiring chairman of the Guernsey Bicycle Group.

Former politician Francis Paul said despite 18 years of campaigning for environmentally-friendly transport, Guernsey's situation had worsened.

He said that when the Guernsey Bicycle Group (GBG) was formed in 1996 its mission was to help the environment.

Mr Paul will step down from GBG this week, but said the role of the group was now more important than before.

As well as promoting increased cycle use in the island, GBG has campaigned for cyclists' rights and safety.

It recently highlighted a lack of cycle signs in the one-way system around the Baubigny area.

Mr Paul said the bicycle was more important than ever, as the island tries to tackle issues such as carbon emissions and obesity.

He added that increased cycle usage would tie in with a recently-approved States energy policy which seeks to lower Guernsey's carbon emissions.

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