Guernsey States approve population policy change

Guernsey's current housing licence system will be replaced with one of population management, the States has decided.

Deputies voted by 43-3 in favour of the Population Policy Group's proposals.

That group has been tasked with producing legislation to put in place a system of permits for residence and employment.

If approved that would replace the current Housing Control and Right to Work Laws.

The vote followed a day of debate on the 120-page report.

It proposed a system of permits and certificates with milestones of eight and 14 years to qualify for long-term residency.

It also has a system of short, medium and long-term employment permits for one year, five years and eight years.

It was produced after extensive consultation on how the island's population should be managed in the future.

Deputy Bernard Flouquet, chairman of the Population Policy Group, said they would take the views of all States members on board when preparing the legislation.

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