Number of Guernsey people looking for work tops 500

The number of people looking for work in Guernsey has risen above 500 for the first time in 18 months.

There were 502 islanders available for employment on 26 November, representing 1.54% of the working population.

This was a rise of 48 (10.6%) compared to 12 months earlier and 41 (8.9%) in comparison to the previous month.

However, the Social Security Department's preferred figure - representing those who have not worked during the week, was 333.

In addition, there were 147 who had worked but were in receipt of supplementary or unemployment benefit, with another 22 on training schemes.

The new method of calculation was introduced in August and complies with the International Labour Organisation standard.

The figure of 333 represented a yearly increase of 40 (13.7%) and a monthly rise of 34 (11.4%).

Under the previous measure, the last time the total topped 500 was in April 2010, when there were 510 looking for work.

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