Guernsey Police target cars for sale on the Bridge

Guernsey Police are cracking down on people leaving their cars for sale in long-stay parking areas on the Bridge.

Officers said vehicles being displayed for sale and left over time was a problem across the island.

Two traffic wardens have been tasked with enforcing parking laws on the Bridge after complaints from those living nearby.

Traffic Sgt John Tostevin said those taking up the spaces unfairly were behaving thoughtlessly.

He said: "We are a small island, the spaces being used are used by residents and we all have to live together.

'Free up spaces'

"Residents in the area have been complaining that they have no spaces available to them for overnight parking.

"Also a number of local car dealers have complained about the number of vehicles that are being advertised for sale in the area.

"I've instructed the traffic wardens to carry out enforce concerning vehicles that are parked over time, because it is only a 10-hour disc park.

"These vehicles that are being advertised for sale are being left longer than a 10-hour period and the enforcement is being carried out to free up the spaces for residents and shoppers."

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