Guernsey finance houses asked to check al-Qaeda links

Financial institutions in Guernsey are being asked to check their records for any links to al-Qaeda or the Taliban.

It follows a change to the sanctions regime imposed against insurgents in Afghanistan by the United Nations.

Earlier this year, Guernsey adopted a new law to reflect resolutions passed by the UN and the European Council.

However, following the death of Osama Bin Laden, further resolutions have been made which target al-Qaeda and the Taliban regime separately.

Guernsey has therefore implemented the new provisions in respect of the Afghan insurgency through the Afghanistan (Restrictive Measures) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2011.

A Policy Council spokesperson said: "All financial institutions and other bodies are requested to check their records to ensure they comply."

The council also reminded finance houses that they should make sure they do not hold any funds or accounts associated with al-Qaeda, the Taliban or Osama Bin Laden.

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