Guernsey fisherman finds 'rare' albino ray

Marine biologist Richard Lord
Image caption Marine life photographer Richard Lord said he had not yet been able to identify the ray

A fisherman has caught a "rare" albino ray in Guernsey waters.

The marine animal measures 80cm long and has a completely white surface.

Richard Lord, from Sustainable Guernsey, who is also a marine life photographer, said it was an albino ray but he had not yet been able to identify what type of ray it is.

He said: "Because of its unusual lack of colouration and different type of spines I cannot identify the exact species but I know it is rare."

The albino ray is currently at Guernsey's Aquarium awaiting further analysis.

Mr Lord said: "We are sending a tissue sample to a researcher at the Plymouth Marine laboratory to help us decide what it is through DNA analysis.

"It will be returned to the sea once it has been identified," he said.

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