Guernsey election change 'has to be easy'

Any changes to Guernsey's election procedures need to result in a simple system, according to a St Sampson's deputy.

The States is due to debate a transfer to island-wide voting in February, with two alternatives on offer.

One involves a pan-island contest for all 45 seats, while the other would see 10 island-wide seats alongside 35 from the current district vote.

Deputy Jane Stephens said voters needed a user-friendly system.

She said: "From a purely democratic view, and I think many voters feel this, it would be good to be able to achieve an island-wide voting system, but it has to be simple and be easy for people to operate."

Independent political analyst Dr Adrian Lee said the issue had been unresolved ever since the abolition of conseillers in 2000.

Conseillers, of which there had been 10, were voted for island-wide, while other members were elected from districts.

He said another inconclusive debate on Guernsey's voting system could be the worst possible outcome for the island.

Dr Lee said: "A lot of surveys have indicated that Guernsey's electorate really want all-island representation - the question is how to get it."

He said the proposals did not make clear the details of how it could be done.

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