Channel Islands supermarket backs local suppliers

Colin Macleod
Image caption Mr Macleod said using local suppliers was better for the islands

A Channel Islands' supermarket chain has announced it has spent £10.6m with local suppliers in the past year.

The Channel Islands' Co-operative Society said it was working with 67 growers in Guernsey and Jersey.

Colin Macleod, chief executive designate, said with all supermarkets looking to source Bailiwick products the biggest winner was the consumer.

He said: "Anything that keeps Guernsey money in the Guernsey economy has got to be good for the island."

Mr Macleod said: "Because we are a Channel Island business whatever is good for the island is good for the Society.

"So we don't put any pressure on suppliers not to talk to Waitrose or not talk to Sandpiper - we take the view that the more local food is grown locally the better off the island will be as a result.

"We are always on the look out for new ideas, new ranges and new local suppliers both in our food ranges but also non food areas as well."

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