Optimism Guernsey butter will be protected

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Mr Tabel said the island's own Guernsey cows and produce needed protection

The head of the Guernsey Dairy said he was optimistic local butter would be awarded special protection.

The UK government is currently considering the dairy's application to ensure that only butter made on the island can be called Guernsey.

Butter is the only product currently being exported by the dairy to the UK.

Andy Tabel said the aim was to protect the name, the Guernsey breed and the island's dairy heritage.

Channel Island products

He said the application "for protective designated origin on our Guernsey butter" had been made "primarily because we have a lucrative income stream through Waitrose and we wanted to protect the name Guernsey Dairy but also protect the name of Guernsey Dairy Butter in the UK and export market".

Mr Tabel said: "There could be farmers in the UK, who are selling and promoting products as Channel Island products for example, or products made from the Guernsey cow which are actually based in the UK.

"We want to protect the actual Guernsey dairy product from its home."

He said if successful they would pursue the same protection for other produce made from milk from Guernsey cows in the island.

Mr Tabel said: "The Guernsey dairy cow is protected in law and the last importation of cattle was in around 1820."

He said an answer would not be forthcoming for "a number of months" after any objections had been raised.

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