Guernsey States issues more housing licences for itself

The States of Guernsey issued itself more essential employment housing licences in 2009, while numbers reduced in most sectors.

Housing Minister Dave Jones defended the rise, saying: "States departments are no different from other employers.

"They have to prove categorically that the person they are looking for cannot be found locally on the island."

Overall seven more licences, which allow non-locals to work in the island, were used in 2009 compared to 2008.

Public administration was issued with an extra 23 licences, making a total of 113 for States employees.

Except for the miscellaneous category, which rose from 259 to 432, there were reductions in the other sectors covered by the figures, which are hostelry, finance, education and human health social and charitable work.

The finance sector remained the biggest recipient of licences with 423 active in 2009.

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