Cash machine ripped from wall in Dunleer

Image source, RTÉ

A cash machine has been ripped from the wall of a bank in an overnight raid in the Republic of Ireland.

Gardaí (Irish police) were called to the scene at Main Street in Dunleer, County Louth, at about 03:20 local time on Saturday.

A digger and a lorry that were used in the raid were left at the scene.

The cash machine box was also left on the street and an undisclosed amount of money is understood to have been stolen.

Gardaí said significant damage was caused to the bank premises.

They added that they believed those responsible for the theft left the scene in a silver Toyota Land Cruiser and drove north of Dunleer.

It is the first successful cash machine robbery in recent months after a spate earlier this year.

Previous thefts took place across Northern Ireland as well as in parts of County Monaghan and County Cavan in the Republic of Ireland.

In February, the Police Service of Northern Ireland established a special taskforce to deal with the thefts.