German Marcel Hesse jailed for 'sadistic' double killing

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Hesse lived with his parents and was described as socially withdrawn

A German teenager who stabbed to death his neighbour's nine-year-old son and then killed an ex-school friend while on the run has been jailed for life.

Marcel Hesse, now 20, lured the boy to his basement in the town of Herne last March, stabbing him 52 times.

He bragged of the murder online then stabbed the 22-year-old ex-school friend after he was confronted about the killing.

Prosecutors said the crimes were committed "to satisfy his sadism".

'Cold and emotionless'

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Hesse turned himself in at a Greek restaurant, having evaded capture for several days

Hesse, who lived with his parents, was unemployed and was described as socially withdrawn.

He lured the boy from a nearby family home by pretending to need help with a ladder.

He then stabbed the child before sending photos of the body to friends via WhatsApp.

Hesse then went on the run and stayed with a former school friend named only as Christopher W, who had not yet heard about the murder.

When he learned of it he confronted Hesse and was stabbed 68 times, the court heard.

Forensic investigators said Hesse killed Christopher W around 14 hours after the first murder.

Hesse remained at the flat for another two days before setting fire to it.

He then walked into a Greek restaurant and told staff to call the police.

He was arrested without putting up any resistance.

The head of the homicide department in the city of Bochum said Hesse's confession was "cold and very emotionless".

Hesse did not admit guilt during his five-month trial, instead preferring to stay silent.

The child's mother was in court for the trial saying that she wanted to look Hesse in the eye.

Hesse's defence lawyers had argued that he was not sufficiently mature to be tried as an adult.

But the court in Bochum decided against trying him as a minor, which is possible to the age of 21.

The usual maximum term served is 15 years but the ruling that this case was one of extraordinary severity could keep Hesse behind bars longer.

He will serve his detention on a psychiatric ward.