In pictures: Deadly storm Friedericke rips through Europe

A deadly storm has ripped through parts of Europe, killing at least five people and causing transport chaos.

Hurricane-strength gusts of 140km/h (90mph) uprooted trees, in some cases destroying vehicles as happened to this car in Dortmund, Germany.

car crushed and surrounded by a fallen tree Image copyright EPA

The rail operator Deutsche Bahn cancelled long-distance train services for the day because of the risk of trees falling on carriages. Many regional services, including all in the most populous state of North Rhine Westphalia, were cancelled. This track was blocked in M√ľnster.

An uprooted tree lays on the rails in Muenster, northwestern Germany, on January 18, 2018, as many parts of the country are hit by cyclone "Friederike". Image copyright AFP

The storm provoked a "code red" weather warning from the authorities in the Netherlands. The fierce wind blew this lorry trailer over on a road near Kampen.

Lorry trailer knocked over by storm, Kampen, Netherlands, 18 Jan 18 Image copyright EPA

Gusts in Rotterdam blew tiles off the roofs of a row of houses.

broken roof tiles across a pavement outside some terraced houses Image copyright AFP

The emergency services were on standby for accidents like this one near Moers in Germany, where a tree fell on a car and injured the driver.

firefighters surround and work on a crushed car Image copyright AFP

The fierce winds caused trouble for civilians and soldiers alike.

A woman walks through fierce winds during Friederike storm in Dresden , Germany, 18 January 2018. Image copyright EPA
German Bundeswehr soldiers trying to keep their caps on in high winds Image copyright EPA


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